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Composites article in the 'International Design Engineer' magazine

It was a pleasure recently to be asked to write a short article for the International Design Engineer magazine - our brief was to discuss the types of fibre in use today, their properties, applications and pros & cons.

It's always great to help bring the world of #compositematerials to a wider audience; we strongly believe that building familiarity with the basics is the first step along the path to successfully adopting a new material or technology. Hope you enjoy the article!

#Orthotropic offers composites-focused design, analysis and consultancy services across a range of industry sectors. With 21 years' personal experience, we supply composites expertise into large engineering projects and offer front-end #engineeringservices to composites manufacturers. Do check out the resources section of our website for a range of composites background information, and of course please get in touch to talk about your project - we'd love to hear from you!

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