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Orthotropic - Engineering design & development facilities

Visitors are always welcome to our Gloucestershire base:  Although small, you'll find that we're equipped to tackle a wide range of engineering challenges.  Please contact us to arrange a visit and we'll be sure to put the kettle on...


The Engineering Office at Orthotropic is equipped with the tools needed to accurately and efficiently provide a wide range of composites engineering services, such as engineering design and structural analysis tasks.  We run modern CAD and FE software on high-performance workstations and have developed a suite of proprietary tools to expedite the analysis of composite materials and composite structures.  Our efforts are supported by an impressive library of standard texts.

Engineering Office - Design, Analysis and Consultancy activities

Composites engineering is a highly practical subject, presenting many questions that can't be answered by analysis alone.  For this reason, we've set up our workshop to manufacture and test composite coupons, testpieces and small prototypes; we can help directly with activities such as composites materials selection and preliminary evaluation.  Whilst the primary function of the workshop is to support our design, analysis and consultancy actvities, it also enables us to offer a 'special-project' design and build service, perfect for those one-off jobs where economy of communication contibutes enormously to overall efficiency.  Careful control of process and traceability of materials and measurements can be taken for granted throughout all our manufacturing activities.


Workshop facilities - Prototyping, Development and Test

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