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About Orthotropic Engineering

Orthotropic is an engineering design consultancy, established in 2018 to offer high-quality composite materials engineering services to industry.  We focus primarily on composite structures and composite materials, but are also very happy to undertake more general structural engineering and mechanical design work.  We like to think of ourselves as more than just a composites consultancy; our engineering office is supported by workshop and test facilities, enabling us to augment our offering with practical services such as composite materials evaluation, small prototype manufacture and one-off 'special project' builds.  We've been privileged to support renewable energy, energy storage, marine and infrastructure projects and are always keen to apply the advantages of composite materials and composite structures to new applications and challenges.  Based near Cirencester in rural Gloucestershire, we're just a short journey from London, Bristol, Birmingham and Southampton.   

We have 20 years' personal experience in the design, engineering and testing of composite structures, with a particular emphasis on high-value and safety-critical applications for demanding environments.  We've served a range of clients, from start-up enterprises to blue-chip companies engaged in multi-national programmes.  Highly experienced and well-qualified, our creative and intuitive approach to problem solving is underpinned by excellent breadth and depth of engineering know-how.

We believe passionately in the need to accelerate our collective progress toward a zero-carbon future and are keen to deploy our expertise accordingly:  As can be seen by our track record, we're always keen to get involved with renewable energy and energy storage projects.  We believe that composite materials will continue to play a critical role in the energy transition, offering the light weight and high performance necessary for many renewable and low-carbon applications.

Whether we're undertaking preliminary design or advanced structural analysis work, we understand the importance of a methodical approach:  It's our firm belief that success isn't achieved by accident and is always attributable to a thorough understanding of engineering fundamentals, careful risk management and meticulous attention to detail.  At Orthotropic, we use carefully-developed systems and procedures to organise our work.  You'll notice our rigorous approach from day one as we make the effort to ensure that we thoroughly understand your requirements and any additional constraints that may apply to your project.  We always employ an efficient 'fundamentals first' approach to any task, orientating ourselves quickly and effectively in the right direction before investing time in more detailed design and analysis activities - meaning that you'll get high-quality results at the right price!

Please contact Orthotropic to discuss how we can support your composites engineering requirements.

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