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Consultancy Offer - Composites for Greentech

It's both shocking and disheartening to hear that Prime Minister #RishiSunak is planning to scale back the government's #netzero policies. It's as if the world hasn't just experienced a summer of extreme heatwaves, wildfires and storms - not to mention record high ocean temperatures.

The science overwhelmingly points to the need for mankind to urgently reduce its CO2 emissions in order to mitigate against further dangerous increases in global temperature. Whatever progress toward #zerocarbon we've already made, it's almost certainly not enough - so delay or watering down of measures already agreed is akin to playing with fire.

Fortunately at #Orthotropic, we don't always take our lead from the #UKgovernment! We understand that we sit at a critical moment in world history and that we must act decisively against #climatechange - Future generations will rightly judge us for what we do next.

By virtue of their high strength, light weight and durability, #compositematerials have enabled and continue to enable a number of key green and low-carbon technologies: Amongst others, the examples of wind turbines, tidal turbines and lightweight structures for low-emission vehicles spring to mind.

This is where we can help...

If you're developing a green / low-carbon technology (or know somebody that is) and suspect that composite materials or structures could be of benefit, then we recognise the fantastic work that you're doing and are keen as mustard to support you on your journey - so much so that we'll even offer up to a day's preliminary consultation on an expenses-only basis, with no charge made for our time. Travel, if required, will be by EV. Please also check out the resources page on our website, which provides some very useful, free-download articles in relation to composites.

#OrthotropicEngineering is an independent consultancy offering composites-focused design, analysis and consultancy services - with a long personal history in the renewables sector. We have kids, care about the future and want to make a difference, so please do get in touch if you have a project you'd like to discuss.

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