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Composites offer significant benefits over traditional materials in many engineering applications, particularly where light weight, high performance or environmental durability are important considerations.  With many materials options and design nuances, it's also the case that they're something of a specialist subject - this is where Orthotropic can help.....


If you suspect that your project would benefit from the use of composite materials or composite structures, we'd love to hear from you!  Please contact Orthotropic for a free initial consultation.  With 20 years' personal experience of composites design and engineering, we're well-placed to advise.  Please also check out the resources section of our website for some informative introductory material that aims to help demystify composites.


If you require support with design and analysis activities, we'll also be glad to assist:  We'll develop an offering around your requirement and execute efficiently with our modern CAD & FE software and suite of bespoke composites analysis tools.

Orthotropic has excellent connections with many composites materials suppliers, composites manufacturers and test laboratories so although independent, we'll be able to help you make the connections needed for a successful project.

Composites engineering & consultancy for engineering projects

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