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If you're a composites manufacturer, you'll know all about the advantages of composite materials, manufacturing processes and design for production, but you might not be able to justify the expense of in-house structural analysis / FE capability.  Nevertheless, there may be projects for which some structural analysis could be the enabling factor - this is where Orthotropic can help.....

Please do contact Orthotropic to discuss your project:  At Orthotropic, we offer a range of composites engineering services, and can support you with design and analysis work:  We run modern CAD and FE software and will carefully tailor our proposal to your requirements.  Good to know too that we're practically minded and experienced so you can be assured of a manufacturing-literate approach.

In addition to the obvious goal of ensuring the reliability of their products, our customers often find that involving Orthotropic leads to cost and weight savings, as we can proactively identify opportunities to reduce materials usage and simplify designs.

Engineering services for composites manufacturers

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