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More composite coupons for conditioning!

Always exciting to get another load of #composite coupons into our conditioning unit at #OrthotropicEngineering: This time, we're comparing the performance of E-glass / vinylester laminates with the many E-glass / epoxy coupons we've already tested - both before and after long-term immersion in seawater. We're also taking a look at the performance of #Advantex / E-CR glass which is claimed to be more durable in the marine environment than standard E-glass.

Very interesting to see what we find, but we'll have to wait a while for results! Even at 45°C, it typically takes 6 months for these coupons to reach moisture equilibrium, which means that this sort of work can be very challenging to fit into most engineering programmes.

Fortunately at Orthotropic, we took the decision some time ago to invest in marine-focussed #CompositeMaterials R&D, meaning that we've already managed to generate a lot of extremely useful data in relation to a number of #epoxy infusion resins - and it's apparent that there are significant differences between systems, even when they're intended for substantially the same application. Our aim is to continue generating a wealth of background information to assist our customers in the selection and understanding of composite materials for #Marine and #MarineRenewables projects - we take care of the lead-time so you don't have to!

All our R&D is carried out in-house, from coupon manufacture to moisture conditioning and mechanical testing. We operate to demonstrably high standards of process control and traceability throughout, meaning we can stand behind our conclusions with confidence.

Please do get in touch to discuss your #CompositesEngineering requirement - we'd love to hear from you!

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