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Meet Orthotropic at ICS2023

At #OrthotropicEngineering, we're thrilled once again to be exhibiting on 6th & 7th September at the #InternationalCompositesSummit, where we'll be showcasing our composites-focused engineering services.

Meet Orthotropic Engineering at ICS2023 - International Composites Summit

During the year since ICS2022, we've been privileged to conduct a range of assignments and projects for no fewer than eleven separate clients - many of whom we've served previously but also including a number of significant new customers. So please do drop by Pod 44 and find out what they already know about our unique blend of theoretical understanding and practical skill.

#Orthotropic is a composites-focused engineering consultancy. We offer design, analysis and development services across a range of sectors and will be happy to assist with any or all of the steps on your journey from concept to qualification. Please don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss your requirement.

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