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900 visors delivered

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Since taking delivery of our first batch of waterjet cut headbands 2 weeks ago, we've now processed, boxed and shipped 900 visors to GP surgeries, hospitals and care homes across 5 counties! Just 100 to go to reach our target of 1000....

Prior to bagging and boxing, all parts undergo a thorough inspection and are subject to the heat treatment needed to inactivate the Coronavirus.

Although we've contributed many hours of our own time at no cost to this project, it wouldn't have been possible without an amazing response to our fundraising campaign, and help from the friends and family that kindly volunteered to assist with the manufacturing and distribution effort.

Thanks also to our suppliers who contributed their expertise during the development process and then went the extra mile to ensure that we received competitively priced parts on time:

And of course the biggest thanks goes to our NHS and care workers who continue to do an incredible job in the most difficult of circumstances.

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