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Welcome Tanveer!

This week at #OrthotropicEngineering we're pleased to welcome Tanveer Talokder to the team!

Orthotropic Engineering, Composites, Design, Analysis, Renewable Energy, Zero Carbon

Tanveer is studying for a Master's degree in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Bristol so the year he's spending at Orthotropic will count towards his course, of which he enjoys both the theoretical and practical aspects - he's also particularly interested in #composites so we think he's come to the right place! When he's not thinking about engineering, Tanveer enjoys speed-solving his Rubik's cube and playing the guitar, although he's yet to be seen doing both at the same time!

Please do visit our website to find out more about our composites-focussed design and analysis services or get in touch directly if there's something you'd like like to discuss.

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