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Ask us about our structural analysis packages

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Orthotropic offers a choice of analysis packages, developed to suit a range of composites project requirements. In all cases you can be assured of a rigorous approach using both classical techniques and up-to-date FE software:

Our 'Analysis & Report' offering is a straightforward 'ask a question, get an answer' package. We would conduct a single full analysis iteration of your design, providing you with a comprehensive report addressing the relevant criteria and / or failure modes. The ball is then back in your court!

If it's likely (as is often the case with more complex structures) that the analysis may throw up issues, then our more flexible 'Problem Solver' package provides the additional latitude to conduct a design review before jumping into the full analysis. It also enables us to address issues and conduct the analysis iterations necessary to push the design over the finishing line.

The 'Extended Service' package is our premium analysis offering. This is based on the 'Problem Solver' package and is appropriate when you additionally require a third-party check or other professional services such as participation in customer meetings or certification programmes.

Please contact us for further information.

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