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By virtue of their high strength, light weight and durability, composite materials have enabled a number of key renewable technologies and are a hugely important tool in the urgent battle against climate change. 


At Orthotropic, we're well-placed to offer independent advice in relation to the suitability of composites for novel applications, as well as providing ongoing engineering support once a project is underway.  So, please do get in touch if you suspect that your renewables, greentech or low-carbon project would benefit from the use of composite materials or composite structures!  We know that the transition to NetZero is the defining challenge of our times, so we'll very happily provide up to a full day's initial consultation at no charge, helping you to determine the best way forward for your innovation.   


We hope to hear from you soon, but in the meantime please also check out the resources section of our website for some informative introductory material.  Let's push to ZeroCarbon together!

Composites solutions for renewables and greentech

Orthotropic Engineering Ltd. offers composites-focused design, analysis and consultancy services for renewable energy, greentech and low-carbon applications
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