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Bridge steelwork completed

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

The best bit of any build project must surely be when all the biggest pieces come together for the first time. So when Jack Lindsay called to say that he'd completed the access bridge steelwork and bolted it together, I didn't need much of an excuse to pop over and see for myself!

Access bridge steelwork

The highly efficient truss construction discussed in the previous article is clearly visible in the first picture: Even a private access bridge may need to pass heavy vehicles in an emergency, so #OrthotropicEngineering ensured that the structure can handle the weight of a heavy fire engine, as well as the light traffic more regularly expected. If you look closely, you'll also spot the bolted joints that enable the bridge to be transported in three sections prior to final on-site assembly.

The second picture below shows a first glimpse of the two end sections after gritblasting and a visit to the paint-shop: The durable epoxy paint finish not only looks really smart, but will also give many years' protection from the elements.

Access bridge steelwork painted

It remains to fit the oak deck planks before conducting a final inspection and delivering to our client.

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