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Watch water jet cut our visor headbands

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

In our last blog post, we presented a face visor that we've adapted from an open-source design for 3-D printers. Our adaptation is to cut the headbands from 10mm HDPE plastic sheet by waterjet (instead of 3D printing). Following an incredible response to a community fundraising initiative, we've now placed orders for all the parts and materials to manufacture 1000 visors. These will be to donated to hard-pressed health and care workers ASAP. Our time is going in absolutely free of charge.

Yesterday I picked up our first batch of headbands from Herbert Phillips and Sons who have provided us with exemplary service throughout the project.

Keeping a safe 'social' distance, I was permitted to film the cutting process: It takes a little over a minute to cut each frame. The result? 350 frames produced in no time at all and a very busy weekend ahead for us finishing and adding elastic!

In addition to supplying much needed visors ourselves, it's our intention to promote this method of visor manufacture more widely: Water jet and laser cutting methods confer the benefits of rapid and immediate manufacture. It also seems to us that bringing additional manufacturing methods into play will help alleviate potential supply bottlenecks at this critical time.

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