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Orthotropic supports tidal stream projects

Great news to see the government getting back behind #tidalstream energy with their announcement yesterday of £20M funding / year for the sector: It's a source of bemusement at #OrthotropicEngineering that such a predictable source of clean energy has been undervalued in official circles for many years! Whilst it's been argued that significantly higher levels of funding are required to help tidal achieve its full potential, this is undeniably a step in the right direction and signals official intent that tidal should play its part in our future #greenenergy mix. Enormous credit is due to companies like #OrbitalMarinePower that have kept the faith over the past few years, developing the impressive O2 machine - the world's most powerful #tidalturbine.

Orthotropic Engineering is here to support marine renewables projects, in particular where they call for the use of #composites: A long personal history of tidal blade design and engineering is complemented by our internal materials research programme and composites technical centre, with which we efficiently help our clients choose between the myriad combinations of fibre and resin on the market.

We also support design and analysis programmes, from concept evaluation right through to the analysis and detailed specification of heavy-duty composite structures: Our modern #finiteelement software is complemented by an excellent understanding of structural and material fundamentals.

Please do get in touch to find out more about how #Orthotropic can help with your #marinerenewable project.

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