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First #SpecialProject delivered!

At #OrthotropicEngineering, we're extremely pleased to announce the delivery of our first ever design & build project. Amongst other things, it's been mistaken for a flux capacitor or even some nefarious type of centrifuge! Alas, the truth of the matter is far more benign; it's a test rig that will enable our customer #RheEnergise to evaluate critical components of their high-density pumped energy storage system.

Having taken shape over the past few weeks in our Gloucestershire technical centre, the rig was shipped last week to #OnStreamEnergy in Devon where it will be set to work very shortly.

A challenging project throughout, the rig brings together a number of technologies, from fabricated frames to tightly-toleranced machined components, bearing systems and high-duty mechnical drives. Read more here about some of the many challenges we faced during the design programme.

Thoughout the build, we've placed great emphasis on #quality: All critical hardware is batch-controlled and numerous tests and inspections have been undertaken to verify the safety and effectiveness of the equipment.

It's a genuine pleasure to have been involved in such a worthwhile project: Particular thanks are due to #GrailEngineering and #BallsGrinding for some great machining, #EtsoFabrication for the frame and #C6D for the excellent routed ply parts.

We'd love to hear from you if you're also in need of a bespoke piece of specialist equipment, so please do get in touch!

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