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Considering composites?

carbon fibre

The start of a new engineering design project often brings with it more questions than answers, ranging across many topics such as form, function and choice of materials. In this light, it's understandable that composites sometimes lose out to more traditional materials as engineers stick with what they know to reduce uncertainty.

But what if?............

What if engineers were more aware of the benefits of composite materials, ranging from high strength and light weight through to low maintenance requirements and potentially lower full-life costs?

What if composites jargon was demystified?

What if it was clearer how to effectively specify composite products and structures?

Most importantly, what if it was possible to exploit the full potential of composites, enabling products, structures and design options that just couldn't be achieved with more traditional materials?

To shed some light on these topics, we've published a series of introductory articles on our website. These are completely free to download and address many of the topics that might be on your mind if you're thinking about using composites for the first time. If you're ready to take the next step and could use a little specialist input, we're also more that happy to offer informed and friendly consultancy services: We can review your project to help identify how and where you might be able to use composites, then conduct concept design studies to suggest and evaluate potential design and manufacturing options.

Please do get in touch to discuss your project!

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