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Catch Orthotropic at All-Energy

This week, #Orthotropic is visiting #AllEnergy in Glasgow. The need to accelerate the transition to #ZeroCarbon has never been more pressing, so we're keen to discuss how our composites engineering services can unlock new possibilities for your #RenewableEnergy project. As we arrive at the #SEC, it's impossible not to take inspiration from some of the engineering achievements of the past: Now let's solve tomorrow!

#OrthotropicEngineering is an independent, composites-focused engineering consultancy with an international client-base. We support projects across several sectors and offer a practically-minded approach to engineering design and analysis.

Please do get in touch with Matt Dawson +44 (0)7879 210025 to discuss your requirement: Perhaps you're considering composites for a new application or even for the first time? With 20 years' personal experience, we're well-placed to help!

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