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1 year already!

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Here at #OrthotropicEngineering, we're celebrating our first birthday, and it's fair to say that much has happened over the course of a very busy year: From a standing start, we've established the processes, installed the software and developed the tools needed to provide high quality design and analysis services to the numerous clients we've been fortunate to serve.

Huge thanks are due to all who've supported us on this exciting journey: In particular our customers but also to each and everybody that's provided encouragement and advice along the way or simply helped to spread the word.

Building on the success of year 1, we'll be continuing to provide design, analysis and consulting services with a strong focus on composite structures. Composites engineering is a highly practical subject, so we'll also be commissioning a small composites processing and testing facility in the very near future. This will enable us to evaluate composite materials and manufacturing processes in-house, adding greater depth and substance to our offering. Watch this space for more information....

Check out the website for our full range of services.

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