In response to the Coronavirus outbreak, we've developed a protective visor for medical and care workers.  This is an adaptation of a design being produced by 3D printers, but crucially, it may be produced immediately and rapidly in large numbers without the need for any tooling.  The almost unbreakable headband is waterjet cut from 10mm HDPE sheet, whilst the PETG faceshield is laser cut and the protective foam strip may be cut by either method. 


The specification and drawings are 100% free to download and use, but please note that these are otherwise subject to our standard website terms and conditions:  Downloading the files means that you accept the Ts & Cs.

Unfortunately, our website can't host the dxf files that correspond to the drawings, but just contact us directly and these will also be supplied free of charge.

Visor - assembled

Visor - as delivered





Foam block


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